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Off-Broadway Family Theatre will present its inaugural production of C.S. Lewis’ well-loved tale “THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE” beginning Saturday, October 22nd at 11 AM at St. Luke’s Theatre, 308 West 46th Street (west of 8th Avenue), NYC. 

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Gym trends that are popular with actors to get in shape for roles

Gym trends that are popular with actors to get in shape for roles

Effortlessly carved out, ripped physique, agile movement to physical strength that we see on screen is not a day’s work. Although actors getting in shape for movie roles is not something new, we often brush aside the effort. Sometimes we even tend to think gullibly that these actors are born with that unrealistically perfect physique. Actors train months ahead to achieve that unrecognizable physical transformation to deliver the role.

Let’s look into some of the popular gym trends and workout regiments these actors endured for their roles.

Professional trainer

Every role comes with a specific memo, and it is no secret that there are professionals involved in the process. In almost every body-altering role, there are always personal trainers involved. Personal trainer in Liverpool Street will design the proper fitness regime for you to gain those muscles, shape, or the movement you need for the role. These trainers sit in with you to understand the actor’s role and meticulously plan your everyday workout. Working out with these trainers in the gym with proper equipment is a must for actors. The environment of the gym and the presence of the gym help stay motivated. However, some actors prefer personal gym for the workout.

Professional nutritionist on the side

A nutritionist is a must for these actors. Be it gaining weight or losing weight; a professional nutritionist will help you in touch with the right food that your body needs. To reach those muscles and to reach the desired weight for roles, you must eat right. For the months of training under professionals, the nutritionist will help with meal plans and diet plans according to your present to the desired body. Be it lean, toned body to a bulky muscle, your nutritionist will help u with the right supplements.


Cardio exercises are a staple to actors’ regimens. Before the start of hardcore and gruesome workout, they always undergo cardio exercise. Role intended work out is key here. Actors like Zac Efron, Henry Cavill, or Chris Pratt had hardcore 4-6 session a week workouts.

Circuit exercise

Circuit exercises are part of the gym regimes that actors often do. Exercises ranging from squat, squat jumps, pushups, bench dips, crunches, jump rope, etc are the go-to for any preliminary fitness exercise.

For actors like Michael B Jordan for his role in Creed and Scarlet Johansson’s role as Black Widow, it wasn’t much on bodybuilding but focused on speed and movement. These circuit training worked best for such roles. Chris Hemsworth’s workout included burpees, pullups, pushups, and dips with minimal focus on weights for his role as Thor.


A role that requires to show power and strength requires lifting weight. For bulky muscles and strength, trainers make actors do a lot of weights to get the desired muscles. Actors like Dwayne Johnson are known for their bulky muscled physique. It helps with burning fats, strengthening joints and muscles.

Pilates and Yoga

For some actors, it’s not so much about heavy hardcore exercise in gyms but some minor tweaking here and there. Yoga, Pilates, and cardio are particularly common, with female actors getting geared up for roles. However, there are roles like Wonder Woman where Gal-Gadot had worked for six months with 5-6 hours of training daily.

Outdoor exercises

Besides the combination of the above-mentioned exercise, these actors also indulge in outdoor activities not just limited to the gym.  Exercises like running, swimming, hiking, and mountain biking are often incorporated.

There is no denying that these actors get paid in good money and added stimulant of motivation. There is no shortcut to getting those roles perfect body. It is hard work, dedication, and discipline. And these actors give it all.

Advantages of Having a Personal Trainer for Broadway Stars

Advantages of Having a Personal Trainer for Broadway Stars

There are so many different benefits of hiring a personal trainer, it really does make sense as a way to get fit. Many Broadway stars realise how much it can help them, and this makes personal training  like Right Path Fitness London personal training a popular way for famous people to stay in shape. There is massive pressure in the theatre industry, so they do need to take steps to make sure that they maintain their figure and their fitness. Here are a few advantages of having a personal trainer for the Broadway stars.




It can be hard to have any sort of normal life when you are recognised everywhere you go. This includes gyms and other public places where people train. Having a personal trainer means that you can work on a 1 to one basis in a more discreet  fitness environment and not have to put up with the pressures of being recognised while you are trying to get fit. Going for a run with a professional personal trainer by your side, with the addition of a baseball cap and sunglasses might well mean that you’re not recognised at all. However, trying to work out in a busy gym or a highly populated exercise class means it’s very difficult to hide.


Targeted Workouts


Each role that a Broadway star takes requires a different kind of look and feel, and in some cases, the fitness levels can vary dramatically. Often male actors are required to bulk up and have a 6 pack, and there is a lot of pressure on doing stunts and being fit enough to cope with the required workload. A personal trainer is able to target your workout to meet your personal needs, even if these are changing with every role that the Broadway star undertakes. Actors are very dedicated to their roles, and some have even been known to put on massive amounts of weight in order to be authentic when they are playing a character. A personal trainer can help and guide them back to fitness once the role is completed.


Time Commitments


Whether they are busy on set or between roles the time pressures placed on a Broadway star can be significant. The advantage of a personal trainer is that they can work around your schedule and come to you when you are free to train. This means you don’t need to try and cram your workload around making a fitness class or heading to the gym. Many Broadway stars will have their personal trainer on set so that they can grab some training in between takes.


Wanting the Best


Finally, and a reason why we all hire personal trainers is simply that you want the best service possible. A personal trainer is dedicated to their client and no one else. In a class environment, the teacher or coach has to focus on everyone, and it can be easy to get missed out and overlooked. With a personal trainer, each exercise you do is highly targeted and specific to your own personal needs and fitness goals.








The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe: Understanding Musical Theatre

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe: Understanding Musical Theatre

Musical theatre has seen numerous performances that have managed to highlight the craft and take thighs to a whole different level. Among the top contenders for the same, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe stand tall as it signalled a new beginning for musical theatre. As a result, a valuable guide towards musical theatre can be achieved or understood by looking into this particular production. So control your excitement and move ahead to enter the magical land of Narnia.

The Story

The story about this magical land begins when four young evacuees from war-torn London come to a rambling old country house. Peter, Edmund, Lucy and Susan are the four young children, who are later shown to the spare room of the house. While the room is quite empty, there is something suspicious about the large wardrobe in the room. A curious Lucy opens it and pushes the fur coats only to find herself in a snow-covered wood. Once Mr.Tumnus greet her, Lucy realises that she is in Narnia. Thanks to the spell cast by the wicked White Witch, the land is always snowy.

Once Lucy returns from her adventure, she immediately talks about her experience to others, who refuse to believe her. But later, Edmund follows her, discovers the place and comes face to face with the evil Witch. She promises to make Edmund the king of the land if he leads his brothers and sisters into her castle. By the time Peter and Susan arrive, things go out of control and Asian, the lion and Lord of the Wood return to Narnia to defeat the Witch. Since Edmund betrays his brothers and sisters and in doing so, forfeits his life to the law of the Deep Magic.

But Asian decides to take Edmund’s place and is tortured and killed by the Witch only to be saved by the Deeper Magic. As the stone statues are liberated, Father Christmas comes back, and the Witch is finally defeated, with the children crowned as Kings and Queens of Narnia. A few years later, they make their way back through the fur coats only to discover that time has stood still.

The Production

Pulling off the great tale of Narnia requires a type of production that is descriptive. Since the story is a well known one, the crew should follow a detailed approach that brings out something different to the table. The central theme and the idea of a distant land need to be showcased in a magical manner that highlights the creativity of the entire crew. Once everything begins to move ahead in this direction, one will be able to imagine and feel the magic that lies deep within the land of Narnia.


Important Facts About Broadway

Important Facts About Broadway

As an art form, Broadway has transitioned to include several aspects and themes that display the creative side of writers and artists. Through time, they have managed to create a space for themselves in the entertainment sector. Considering the impact of Broadway in New York, around 41 theatres have come into the picture to tell stories of different nature. Due to that, there is a long list of facts that have emerged right from the moment Broadway took centre stage. So to bring them to light, we will be looking into those facts that talk about Broadway, including the ones that you may have never heard about.

1. The longest street in NYC

Beginning from Lower Manhattan, Broadway runs for 33 miles up to the Bronx to Albany. Out of the 33 miles that it covers, 18 miles are not part of New York City. Its roots can be traced back to Native American times, and the first written reference of the term was seen in the 1700s. Due to this form of history, Broadway has emerged to hold an important place all over the country.

2. The Phantom of the Opera

A major achievement of Broadway comes in the form of the Phantom of the Opera. It is the longest-running Broadway show and has been a part of the scene for more than 30 years. During this span of time, over 12,500 performances have been staged and for 18 million people. So the Phantom of the Opera is credited until this very day for its remarkable performances as a unique form of visual art.

A significant change for the play lies with the fact that the role of Phantom was changed 15 times in the last 30 years. Among the top list of names, Norm Lewis stands out for being the first African-American actor to perform the coveted role.

3. Chicago

Coming close to the Phantom of the Opera, Chicago is the second longest-running Broadway show that was opened in 1975. After a break in 1977, it was revived and back on the main stage in 1996. Till this day, Chicago has been played in 24 countries, 12 languages with over 8,000 performances. It is based on a real-life Windy City murder case that took place in the year 1924.


4. Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

Being a product of hippie counterculture and sexual revolution of the late 1960s, Hair was the first-ever nude Broadway production. It ran for 1750 performances with a revival in 2009. Apart from receiving strong reviews, it also received a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for the Best Revival of a Musical. A few songs from the production were also in the Top 10 hits of the period.

Decoding Narnia: A Children’s Musical

Decoding Narnia: A Children’s Musical

Over the course of years in musical theatre, a number of productions have entered the scene to create something different and unique. While few among them carve their imagination into scripts, others rely on stories from books or other such aspects. The latter requires a detailed approach as these stories hold a special place in the hearts of people. So despite all that, in order to come out as a significant hit, one needs to bring their A-game to the matter. In recent times, one such musical was able to achieve that, and it goes by the name of Narnia.

1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


a half-hour show

Narnia is based on the 1950 tale by C.S Lewis, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Bringing it into theatre required a two and a half-hour show that displays the magical and creative world of Narnia. The original production in London was able to inform people about the same through the adaptation of skill and talent. The different artists who it showcased crafted a name for themselves by embroidering characters from the magical land. Due to their intense and convincing performance, children will find the play to be a great watch.

2. The English Flavour

One of the main backbones of the show was the original English flavour that it brought into attention. The combination of a string of instruments and dialogues followed a pattern that lies deep within top-class musical productions. Apart from that, the range of styles that it showcased was another aspect that convinced people that the flavour of the original is not lost and will never be lost. Be it the children or senior artists; they were able to perform like the story was being told for the very first time. As a result, you can sit throughout the show in order to get transported into a distant land.

3. Intense Moments

Depicting a magical land is quite easy on screen but not on stage. One will have to remember the time and duration of each scene in order to bring in props and move it out effectively. But when you have experienced personnel on stage, things will be a piece of cake. The different moments that it brought together were intense and moved ahead at the right pace. As things unfold, the audience is further exposed to the extent of the magic as they sit to catch more.


Every single individual involved in the production of Narnia needs to be credited for all their efforts. Without their presence, things couldn’t have materialised, and our children would not have been exposed to the magical world of musical theatre through the tale of Narnia.


Where to Eat After the Show: Kid Friendly Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen

Where to Eat After the Show: Kid Friendly Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen

One of the most often questions I get asked is “Where is a good place to eat after the show?” With approximately 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan (I just googled it), and at least 34 restaurants on the same block as our very own St. Luke’s Theatre, it can be a bewildering task to pick a place that will make everyone in your bunch happy.

My little brood has lived within a few blocks of St. Luke’s Theatre for almost 2 years now, and like most New Yorkers, I have fallen in love with our neighborhood. So the places I’m going to recommend to you are the spots we return to time and again – the ones that won’t break your bank (this is not fancy date night, folks) the ones my kids ask for over and over, the ones that make me consider placing a Seamless order right now. All are within a 5-10 minute walk of the theatre.

1. Bareburger

366 W. 46th St. b/t 8th Ave & 9th Ave
If you live in the NYC area, then you are probably familiar with this local chain. The woodsy, whimsical interior and the screens tuned to The Cartoon Network lets you know immediately that children are welcome. Their mix of organic grown up and kid-friendly fare makes this a winner for our family every time. I have loved every customized burger from bison to black bean I’ve devoured there, and most recently I’ve been on a Falafelwraptor kick. Also for the grown ups: I highly recommend the Sriracha Blue Cheese Crispy Brussels…and now I can’t stop thinking about them. The kid’s menu is uncomplicated- burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and they all come with a side of fries, apples and a drink. For serious comfort food that you don’t have to feel too guilty about (it’s organic!)

2. Uncle Mario’s Brick Oven Pizza

739 9th Ave b/t 49th St & 50th St
My 2 boys call it “Uncle Super Mario’s.” You won’t find Mario or Luigi here, but you will find one extremely welcoming server that treats you like you are her long lost Italian relative (“Ciao, Bella!”) and a dazzling variety of delicious pies sold by the slice, including mac and cheese, pulled pork, and of course the classic Grandma’s. There’s a full menu with entrees and salads, but honestly, we just come here for the pizza. There are plenty of tables and a very chill, friendly atmosphere. We always feel welcome, and we always leave happy.

3. Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns and Ramen

811 8th Avenue b/t 48th St & 49th St
​610 8th Avenue b/t 39th St & 40th St
This is a fairly new one for us, recommended by our foodie neighbors. In fact, it’s where they took their family and friends after seeing the show! You and your kids will love the pork soup buns, the dumplings, the scallion pancakes. If your afternoon plans have you headed north on 8th avenue, you can go to the location at 811 8th Ave (just 2 blocks from the theatre), and if you’re headed south, stop by the one at 610 8th Ave. (This one has more seating.)

4. Westway Diner

614 9th Ave b/t 43rd St & 44th St
A family-owned diner that’s been around for almost 30 years, Westway Diner is a neighborhood institution. Classic diner fare with a New York vibe – you’ll find a great mix of people here, from tourists to locals. The menu is endless and the service is friendly. I love their omelettes, the Challah French Toast, and pretty much all the Greek specialties. But you get whatever you want – seriously.

5. Sticky’s Finger Joint

598 9th Avenue b/t 42nd St & 43rd St
Ok, friends, wrap your mind around this: this place has 19 different kinds of sauces in which to dip your fried (or grilled) chicken and fries. Sauces like Buffalo Balsamic Maple, Green Tea Ceasar, and…S’more Sauce (chocolate doesn’t ask questions). They’ve also got salads, wraps, pickles, slaw, and ridiculous fries. I can’t write much more about this because it makes me a little sad when I realize I will probably never try every item/flavor combination on their menu. Your kids will probably want classic chicken and fries, but you can make your gourmet fried chicken (Buttermilk Baby Ranch! Vampire Aoli! whaaaat?!) and Truffle Parm French Fry fantasies come true.