Over the course of years in musical theatre, a number of productions have entered the scene to create something different and unique. While few among them carve their imagination into scripts, others rely on stories from books or other such aspects. The latter requires a detailed approach as these stories hold a special place in the hearts of people. So despite all that, in order to come out as a significant hit, one needs to bring their A-game to the matter. In recent times, one such musical was able to achieve that, and it goes by the name of Narnia.

1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


a half-hour show

Narnia is based on the 1950 tale by C.S Lewis, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Bringing it into theatre required a two and a half-hour show that displays the magical and creative world of Narnia. The original production in London was able to inform people about the same through the adaptation of skill and talent. The different artists who it showcased crafted a name for themselves by embroidering characters from the magical land. Due to their intense and convincing performance, children will find the play to be a great watch.

2. The English Flavour

One of the main backbones of the show was the original English flavour that it brought into attention. The combination of a string of instruments and dialogues followed a pattern that lies deep within top-class musical productions. Apart from that, the range of styles that it showcased was another aspect that convinced people that the flavour of the original is not lost and will never be lost. Be it the children or senior artists; they were able to perform like the story was being told for the very first time. As a result, you can sit throughout the show in order to get transported into a distant land.

3. Intense Moments

Depicting a magical land is quite easy on screen but not on stage. One will have to remember the time and duration of each scene in order to bring in props and move it out effectively. But when you have experienced personnel on stage, things will be a piece of cake. The different moments that it brought together were intense and moved ahead at the right pace. As things unfold, the audience is further exposed to the extent of the magic as they sit to catch more.


Every single individual involved in the production of Narnia needs to be credited for all their efforts. Without their presence, things couldn’t have materialised, and our children would not have been exposed to the magical world of musical theatre through the tale of Narnia.